Kejora is a great alternative to PAUD/TK schooling on Karimunjawa. Check out what our Parents have to say below:

“My child has socially bloomed since attending this school and now has made many new friends.”
One of the moms from a Kejora Explorers
“Each morning my child wakes up excited to go to school and comes home with many stories of all the fun things they did.”
One of the dads from a Kejora Explorers

“I’ve noticed that my son has been making healthier eating choices since starting at this school and is more enthusiastic about trying new foods.”

One of the moms from a Kejora Explorer

“We couldn’t be happier with Kejora school. Our daughter is now thriving, thank you Kejora!”

Kejora Explorer family

“My daughter loves the Kejora Camp play activities. She wakes up every morning asking, is there Kejora Camp Play today?”

One of the moms from Camp play child