At Kejora, our success is all thanks to our amazing team! We have caring staff, exceptional board members, and helpful volunteers who work really hard to realize our mission. Together, we want to make a difference in the lives of the people of Karimunjawa. We’re excited to keep moving forward and making the world a better place with everyone’s support!

My family have been living and working in Karimunjawa for generations, & I’m very grateful that I can call this beautiful island home. Now I get to be part of helping future generations of the island grow into smart, capable & healthy, eco-warriors!
Tono - Founder

I am proud that together we can set up such great projects for a better future for Karimunjawa. I like to use my network and experiences in volunteer projects in Karimunjawa to achieve the best result for Kejora.

Sudar - Chairman

With a background in Human Rights & Psychology, and being a professional English & Yoga teacher, serving others has always been my path, but I never could have imagined it being in such a magical place, until I met my husband, Tono. I love the two-way abundance of both giving and receiving; it just feels right.

Astrid - Assistent

I’ve been happily living in Karimunjawa for the last 8 years. I am passionate about giving both my own, and local children on the island access to new and enriching opportunities. I’m grateful that I can use my professional skills in marketing, communication and events management to help Kejora succeed.

Joyce - Assistent

Working with Kejora school and helping support with my curriculum has been incredible so far. I am the CEO of Seed Learning Garden, I hold a B.S in Psychology, a 120-hour TEFL certificate, and boast over 10 years of teaching experience at accredited international schools. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Kejora!

Kristi - Curriculem specialist

For me, Kejora is a space where we can be friends, cooperate together, share knowledge, learn from each other and experience new things. My slogans are, ‘become a knowledgeable person by studying others, be an intelligent person by educating others, and be a rich person by enriching others’.

Cakra - Secretary

Education by constitution is the responsibility of the government, but education by morals is the responsibility of all of us. Learning and teaching are enjoyable, it can be considered a type of entrepreneurship.

Nursalilis - Treasurer

After visiting Karimunjawa several times and witnessing the wonderful work of the Kejora Foundation, I am happy to join and support them from The Netherlands. Seeing the kids going to school with big smiles on their faces fills me with joy and gives me extra motivation to support the foundation.

Ingrid - Chairman

Karimunjawa is an incredible place and I always love visiting there. With my background in education I hope I can help make a positive difference on the island through the Kejora Karimunjawa foundation.

Jens - Treasurer

I have a special bond with the beautiful island of Karimunjawa and its inhabitants. During my extended stay here, I have not only made wonderful memories but also actively contributed to strengthening the local community. Kejora is a natural outcome of this engagement. I am dedicated to providing every child here with a better chance at education and development, as every contribution matters!

Josephine - Secretary